The Volcano diorama provides information to visitors about the process of volcanism in the oceans and on the continents. Eighty percent of earth’s surface, the seafloor and the land, began as molten rock that rose from deep inside the earth. Volcanism usually takes place at the plate boundaries due to movement of tectonic plates. Volcanisms produce verity of volcanic rocks. Koh-e-Sultan, Koh-e-Dalil volcanoes of Cretaceous to Quaternary age (60 million to 02 million years old) at Pachin Koh, tehsil Nokkundi, Chagai district, Balochistan are examples of past volcanic activity. These areas present good promise economic minerals deposits particularly Iron, Molybdenum, Travertine marble and the world largest deposits of Copper-Gold. Volcanoes can be beneficial as source of fertile soil, chemicals, and minerals.