• Collection, identification and preservation of natural history specimens to develop repositories of plants, animals, rocks, minerals and fossils found in Pakistan.
  • Conduct research on biological and geological resources in the light of their economic importance and conservation.
  • Establish liaison with national and international academic and research organizations for collaborative research activities.
  • Provision of research facilities to the scientists/researchers/students at the Museum. Display of specimens in the form of attractive exhibits/dioramas and production of documentaries/films for educating the masses about the natural wealth of Pakistan.
  • To create awareness on sustainable use/conservation of natural resources and protection of environment.
  • To advise the government on issues related to conservation of natural resources and environment.
  • Publication of natural history books, field guides, monographs, research articles, popular literature, technical reports, bulletins, brochures, pamphlets etc. for the promotion of research and awareness.
  • Provision of training in natural history research, education, conservation, exhibit designing, taxidermy, modeling and casting through workshops, symposia and seminars etc.
  • To organize expeditions for the study and collection of natural history specimens. Celebration of national/international days related to natural history for creating awareness among students, teachers, researchers and general public.