Name Designation Qualification& Details Contact No.
Director General PMNH
Dr. Khalid Mahmood Director General Ph.D. (Entomology ) +92519249239
Botanical Sciences
Director Ph.D.(Portfolio) +92519249242
Dr.Muhammad Ismail Bhattti Associate Curator Ph.D.(Mycology) +92519249241
Dr. Syed Aneel Ahmad Gilani Curator Ph.D. (Botany/Plant Taxonomy) +92519249247
Dr. Sumaira Sahreen Curator Ph.D. (Plant Biochemistry/Taxonomy) +92519249242
Dr. Rizwana Khanum Associate Curator Ph.D. (Plant systematics and Climate Change) +92519249242
Mrs. Saadia Munir Associate Curator M.Phil. (Lower Plants) +92519249242
Mrs. Shehnaz Zakia Associate Curator M.Sc. (Hons) Horticulture. +92519249242
Earth Sciences
Director +92519249244
Mr. Aamir Yaseen Curator M.Phil. Geology(Paleontology) +92519249249
Mr. Khalid Ahmed Mirani Associate Curator M.Sc. (Hons) Geology +92519249244
Mr. Khalil ur Rehman Research Associate M.Phil. (Geology) +92519249244
Mr. Muhammad Imran Associate Curator M.Sc. Geology +92519249244
Dr. Hamad-ur-Rahim Associate Curator M.Sc. Geology +92519249244
Zoological Sciences
Dr. Khalid Mahmood Director Ph.D. (Entomology )


Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan  Curator M.Sc. (Zoology) +92519249243
Dr. Shabir Ali Amir Associate Curator Ph.D. (Marine Biology) +92519249243
Dr. Muhammad Abbas Associate Curator Ph.D. (Biological Sciences) +92519249243
Dr. Rafaqat Masroor Associate Curator Ph.D. Zoology +92519249243
Dr. Mishkat Ullah Associate Curator M.Sc. (Hons) (Agriculture) +92519249243
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Waseem Associate Curator Ph.D. Zoology +92519249243
Public Services
Dr. Syed Lal Shah Director Ph.D. Biology (Toxicology) +92519249245
Mr. Rahat Saeed Operational Manager Degree in Design +92519249245
Mr. Ubaidullah Azeem Senior.System Analyst M.S. ( Computer Science) +92519249254
Irfan Shakeel Manager Database M.S.(Computer Science) +92519249254
Administrative Services
Mr.Maqbool Ahmed Qureshi Additional Director (Admin) B.com,LLB,MA(ECO) +92519249251
Mr.Mirza Imtiaz Baig Assistant Director(Admin) B.sc. +92519249252
Mr.Qamar Zaman Assistant Director(Account) B.A +92519249253