The "Tethys Gallery" provides information and visuals about
  • Salt Range
  • Ocean
  • Minerals and Rocks

Salt Range

The Salt Range is one of the best geological sites in the world for collection of rocks, fossils and minerals for research. The rock formations in the Salt Range is from 550 million to 10,000 years old. In this 3-D diorama the Khewra Salt mine has been shown, which is the world’s second largest salt mine. It also shows the extraction of coal from mine. The Salt Range is internationally declared as Field Museum of Geology.


This diorama provides information about the ocean geological distribution from coast, continental shelf, continental slope and to the deep sea geysers. A variety of marine life including fishes, corals and other marine fossils found at different depth of the ocean are displayed in this diorama.

Minerals and Rocks

This diorama has been created to highlight the significance of Minerals and Rocks of Pakistan, which is comprised of three main sections; igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. In these three sections the minerals and rocks collected from different region of Pakistan are showcased according to their relevant geological environment. Information about the chemical properties, composition, occurrence of major deposits, and their industrial uses has been provided through bilingual write-ups. Pakistan has a variety of rock formations, minerals deposits especially world’s third largest deposits of copper-gold and gemstones.