Pakistan Museum of Natural History



Pakistan Museum of Natural History as an informal educational institution is using modern technologies to make the learning process enjoyable. PMNH is doing so by making displays relevant to the public intrest. This gallery is serving the purpose in an affective manner to enhance the knowledge of visitors about the natural wealth of Pakistan.
The specimens of Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks have been displayed with the informations about their products. Small exhibits about life cycles of termite, butterfly, honey bee and pollination process are also part of this gallery.
In the gallery a huge tree trunk (Cedrus deodara) is displayed. This display educates that how to calculate the age of a tree by counting its annual rings; and also predict about past weather conditions in which the tree grew.
An attractive three-dimensional diorama provides insight about Food Web. This diorama is based on information that how different animals, birds and plants are dependent on each other for their food, and lays stress on the conservation of eco-system.
Economic plants such as mushrooms, bio-oil and timbers have been displayed with interesting informations.
Some exhibits also provide information about wildlife, birds, fishes and butterflies. These interesting displays creates a lot of questions in the minds of public about natural wealth of Pakistan.