PSD is involved in public educational aspects of Pakistan Museum of Natural History. The scientific information and research is made understandable to general public through fascinating exhibits and displays. This Division is responsible for preparation and designing of PMNH science publications such as books, pamphlets and brochure. To carry out its varied activities, the Division has been divided into different sections such as Design and Drawing, Photographic, Model Making, Education and Public Awareness. All these sections have highly qualified staff that work in complete coordination.This Division also provides services to other scientific organizations for developing exhibits/displays. PSD organizes student trips, scientific lectures and film shows within and outside PMNH. Its Information Technology (IT) section maintains the PMNH databases and communication infrastructure.

Public Education:

PSD is playing an important role in Museum educational activities. It provided guide tour services to around 50,000 students annually besides general public. The PSD has contributed a lot in promoting the concept of informal education in the country as now the general public, particularly the schools and colleges are visiting the PMNH frequently to benefit from the facility. The PSD maintains record of students and general visitors to the PMNH. The PSD on request through proper channel provides this record to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Social Statistics Section 21-Statistics House, Mauve Area I&T Center, G-9/1, Islamabad to publish in the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics.
• To pass on scientific information and research out come to general public through fascinating exhibits and displays.
• Arranging student groups visits to PMNH to acquaint them with natural resources of Pakistan and educate them on their conservational aspects.
• Arranging lectures and film shows for the visiting students and general public to educate them on natural resources.
• Building up of data bank on biodiversity of Pakistan and sharing it with GBIF member countries through internet under Biodiversity Global Networking (BGN) Programme of PMNH.
• Maintenance and running of IT based Virtual Orientation Gallery (VOG) of PMNH, meant for public education regarding natural history of Pakistan including material/exhibits displayed in the PMNH Galleries.

Design & Development Services

Designing and Development of PMNH Display Galleries depicting environment/habitat of fossils, mineral, rocks, gem stones, plants and animals for imparting education to students and general public on natural history of Pakistan through informal means.
• Professional designing & display services such as small natural history museums, models & exhibits and developing creativity & artistic skills for small entrepreneurs.
• Designs for publications such as logos, book, book covers, banners, posters and brochures.
• Arrangement of art and design workshops for schools and colleges.
• Studio photography, product photography and event photography

Services to other organizations:

The PSD provided its services in establishing following centers for other organizations:
• Natural History Section at National Science and Technology Museum, Lahore.
• Natural History Section at Marine Museum, Karachi.
• Science Centre at Faisalabad.
• Science Caravan, PSF.
• Natural History Section at Children Library Complex, Lahore.
• Chiltan National Park, Quetta.
• Ministry of Science and Technology Floats.
• Establishment of Army Museum, Rawalpindi.
• Establishment of small display centers at some schools and colleges.
• Provided services for PMNH publications and other organizations.


• General public visiting the Museum
• Educational institutions, Teachers, Students
• Professionals including artists, designers, scientists
• Institutions including public and private sector scientific organizations
• Media organizations
• Environmental organizations working for environment protection and Wildlife conservation, Eco-system conservation

Technology Management

IT infrastructure is playing an increasingly important role in government in terms of desktop applications, communication and mailing system, E-Governance and development project implementation. Two of PMNH development projects BGN and VOG are heaving reliant on IT infrastructure and developed software.